Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic Analysis

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Harmonic Analysis:

Harmonic analysis is conducted using FLUKE make harmonic analyzer type 43B consisting max 600 volts, Three phase tong tester Max 1 to 400A. Analyzer is communicated to computer through RS232 port for printouts of captured data.

Few of the electrical parameters measured are mentioned below.

  1. Line to neutral voltage
  2. Line to line voltage
  3. Current on each phase
  4. Frequency
  5. Power factor
  6. KVA 
  7. KW
  8. KVAR
  9. Voltage Harmonics-THD,L1,L2,L3,N,1-49th
  10. Current Harmonics-THD,L1,L2,L3,N,1=49th
  11. Transients
  12. Inrush Current
  13. Dips and Swells
  14. Unbalance- V,I,W
  15. Power &  Energy
  16. System Voltage RMS
  17. System Current RMS
  18. Active and Reactive Power Power factor(instataneous)
  19. Three phase balancing study surge and transient protection.
  20. Reactive power analysis, Captive power analysis, Load flow analysis.